Kamis, 25 Juni 2009

BeingTRUE Giveaway Winner Revealed!

Congratulations to Diane Stokes, winner of the BeingTRUE giveaway. Diane will receive $430 in cosmetics, skin care and body care products!

Originating from the spa industry in 2004, BeingTRUE pioneered the vision of offering performance products and spa services that deliver both wellness experience and dermatological results – coexisting in color cosmetics, skin and body care.

There could only be one winner of this contest (beauty products do not grow on trees), but BeingTRUE and I worked out a little arrangement so that all of you could at least be runners-up. Shop 'til you drop at beingtrue.com, and take 25% off your purchase! Simply enter fotohotcewek at checkout.

And don't forget to try your luck at the Rimmel London 10th Anniversary Giveaway, which ends Sunday, June 28, 2009.

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