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Foto seksi Mulan Jameela/ Mulan Kwok

Mulan Jameela beautiful singer born in Garut West Java 23 August 1982 has the full name Wulan Sari, his name began to rebound when Maia retrieve from the Dimensions (a cafe band), to join in the ordinary and duo Ratu called Mulan Kwok. But as the conflict about financial transparency, they are broken. and then Mulan join and solo career with Republik Cinta Management and use the new name Mulan Jameela. Besides singing Mulan also a number of star sinetron and film

Mulan Jameela

Mulan Jameela/ Mulan Kwok pic

First solo album was launched in January 2008, titled Mulan Jameela. The album that dominated pop music been this rock musicians by Ahmad Dhani. Mulan first album on this track is the excellent fruit of 4 hits, that is "Makhluk Tuhan Paling Sexy", "Wonder Woman", "Bukannya Aku Takut" and "Jatuh Cinta Lagi". Only in the period of less than 2 months, this album has left digit sales 75,000 coffee and get the platinum by EMI.

In other places, Mulan also be joined by a giant telecommunications company Malaysia, Maxis. In a few months only, Mulan has been able to break through a number of award nominations, he even became the only solo of a nominated on MTV Asia Awards 2008 in Genting, Malaysia.

In the compilation The Best Of Republik Cinta, Mulan in collaboration with the vocal group Dewi Dewi on the single entitled "Sakit Bukan Main" which was launched in August 2008.

Koleksi Foto Mulan Jameela

Mulan Jameela
Mulan Jameela
Mulan Jameela

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