Rabu, 12 Agustus 2009

Foto Bikini Julia Perez DJ

Julia Perez would like to become a DJ, Artists super sexy Julia Perez secretly want to make a slap in his career. Namely the attempt to become a DJ. So the experts have started make songs for dugem, Jupe also try again to make a single song with its music DJ.

Julia Perez DJ
Foto Bikini Julia Perez Dj

Artist Julia Perez talk back so as sexy body. This time, the image that outspread is a Jupe's photo wear a shirt similar to the bikini being absorbed nge-DJ. However, according to the Julia Perez, clothing that is used not too sexy like discussed the people. He also disputed the clothing if the clothing is worn pool model two pieces.

If there is a section called images themselves, Jupe assume they rarely see women. In addition, information Julia perez|Jupe, who watched while his nge-DJ also indifferent.

Julia perez|Jupe is a career artist figure increased because fenomenal. However, he did not want to be stamped as an artist who only rely on the body seksinya only. "If the brain can also be smart when celebrities," he said.

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