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Foto Jessica Mila Agnesia

Jessica Milla, Artists of a certain kind of face beautiful abg this age still have some star sinetron Is the glass in RCTI and SCTV. Full name is Jessica Agnesia Milla, born in Langsa, Aceh Timur / 3 August 1992 Having a pretty face and imut, schools are now a high school in Jakarta. Jessica Milla akting jump in the world since the age of the children, but until now have not had a role in the film gets the big screen.

Currently, Jessica is busy in the two sinetron, "I still syuting Nikita and MANOHARA and, if in NIKITA I am a friend Nikita in the orphanage, friends is still small as Rani. if in MANOHARA so Manohara his younger brother," said Jessica

Artists who are often in a call with this Milla, he once hooked with a cheerleader and ngedance. Hobbies mila do it is the first time since sitting on the bench and how the kindergarten to high school at this time. Because the world of dance ketertarikannya mila this opportunity to get top 3 for kateori cheer when sitting in the seat smp. From there any mila mengawalinya Cewek O with a famous school in the entire Jabodetabek, and start some sinetron star and ftv.

Profile Jessica Mila:
  • Full Name: Jessica Mila Agnesia
  • place and date of birth: Langsa, East Aceh, 3 August 1992
  • Last Education: SMAN 70
  • The high: 158 cm
  • Weight : 41 kg
  • Favorite Actor: Adam Brody
  • Favorite Actress: Mischa Barton
  • Koleksi foto Jessica Milla

Koleksi Foto Jessica Mila Agnesia

 Jessica Mila Agnesia
 Jessica Mila Agnesia
 Jessica Mila Agnesia

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