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Foto Payudara Dea Imut Saat Menunduk

Dea Imut now moved Adult. Changes that are felt, when I met him, Wednesday Night (03/12) at Plaza Senayan (PS). Change is not only the perspective of various things, but also its physical form. Including interest to the opposite gender.

Entering the age of growing up, Dhea Imut prepare a strategy to avoid so-called children. Understandably Imut said, at least inherent and always connotes the children for Dhea, that he intended to shed the nickname 'imut' in the last name.

"My name will be replaced, let me not look solely Imut. My name is Anissa Dhea later. "Dhea said mischievously, looking down he realized that without payudara captured by the camera and now widespread in the Internet.

Payudara Dea Imut
Foto Payudara Dea Imut

Dea first got her first period in April 2007. He admitted that had surprised and scared the first time knowing himself got my period, "Actually, it was time again to the bathroom. Was urinating. Is this bleeding. Dea was a teenager. I was really shocked, surprised, actually I do not want to be growing up, still want to be small children, "Dea added with a laugh.

After a period, Dea change. Especially the shape of her breasts enlarged and had overgrown pubic hairs smooth.

Payudara Dea Imut
Payudara Dea Imut

Profile Dea Imut

Dhea Imut full name Claudia Anissa. Dhea is a former star who is now little teenagers. Dara, who was born in Jakarta, February 29, 1996 This started his career in the entertainment world since the age of two years. When it Dhea starring diaper ads. After that the bid was flooded Dea ads. Dhea is the daughter of the couple Indraa Kusuma and Masayui Chairani.

Dheaa obtained Imutt name after joining the Tiga Bocah Imut and had released an album of children. Dhea is a soap opera debut PANJI MANUSIA MILLENNIUM. His name is increasingly soared after starring in soap operas BIDADARI 3.

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