Rabu, 14 Oktober 2009

foto artis bugil

Boa Kwon, South Korean Cute singerBoa Kwon, South Korean Cute singerBoa Kwon, South Korean Cute singer

When (who manages one of Japan’s top entertainers, Yungsung Akanemi) saw BoA, they took upon themselves the responsibility of her dance and vocal training. As a result, they introduced one of the top instructors to BoA. Sakuma, who had been recognized as Japan’s best dancer, gave BoA dance lessons, and Japan’s top hip hop dancer Kazeu personally came to Korea to choreograph BoA’s debut album. Sakuma even praised BoA saying "When compared to the Japanese dancers who do nothing but dance, her skills are right up at that level. And among the female singers who do both singing and dancing, there is no one who has the skills that BoA has. There has been no one this young who can dance so well."

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