Minggu, 24 Agustus 2008

Amazing Grace is Simply Irresistible

Last night, my sister and I took a cab to the Walish Gooshe Spring/Summer 2009 fashion show (more on that later). And the driver was so intoxicated by our choice of fragrance, Philosophy Amazing Grace Perfumed Body Spritz, that he made me repeat the name at least six or seven times, so that he wouldn't forget. He told me that his sister would love the scent and wanted to know where he could purchase it. What a thoughtful brother, right? I told him Sephora, which he repeated over and over so that he wouldn't forget that either.

It's no wonder Amazing Grace Perfumed Body Spritz was awarded the gold medal in the 2008 Summer Beauty Olympics. The scent is simply irresistible.

Take it away, Robert and fierce fembots...

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