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Video Adegan Hot Five Vi Di Film Hantu Binal Jembatan Semanggi

Make that like seeing a horror movie Hantu Binal Jembatan Semanggi. you can watch his first appearance in cinemas on 19 November 2009, which is produced by Dheeraj Kk K2K Production production house, the horror film genre and Sensual scene filled with open-cut openings and lots of hot pictures and exciting.

Gambar Adegan Hot Five Vi Di Film
Hantu Binal Jembatan Semanggi

Video YouTobe Film Hantu Binal Jembatan Semanggi

Five V re-appeared on the big screen. This time widow's 1st child in action in the movie 'Hantu Binal Jembatan Semanggi.' There was half the battle for existence in the universe film, Five V beradegan willing exciting. That's what makes Five thinking for months and finally accepted an offer to play Film Hantu Binal Jembatan Semanggi." There are many hot scenes that made me think for months because of this scene is very brave," he said. Whether on the basis of what considerations, this sexy actress stature would eventually accept the offer KK Dheeraj film's production. "I wanted to show that I still exist in the world of acting," he said. In the movie 'Hantu Binal Jembatan Semanggi,' Five V acts as a ghost named Cherish. The ghost wants to wreak vengeance on those who had hurt him.

Profile Five Vi Rahmawati

Five Vi Rahmawati known as soap opera actress and advertising model star. Acting Bilqis Emelisqi'mother of this event can be found in KOMEDI BETAWI series, which aired in TransTV.

Five Vi RahmawatiFoto Five Vi Rahmawati

Five Vi itself is the former wife of a man from Malang, Iwan Setya Budiman, who officially divorced in 2006. Five Vi sued her husband for divorce, after often have a number of acts of violence from her husband.

Five Vi and her ex-husband, and involved a protracted dispute about custody of their children by more Vi live and in the care of his father. To resolve the case, the Five Vi also involve NGOs participated Children, National Commission for Child Protection (Komnas PA) as a place to complain feud.

The court finally won the Five Vi over the custody of their children. However, the problem does not mean complete, because the former husband appealed and bilqis still in her father's arms.

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