Minggu, 27 September 2009

About Sexy and sensual, Rahma Azhar

About Sexy and sensual, Rahma Azhari is no need to doubt. After the scandals foto bugil some time ago, the mother of one child was also found out beradegan middle section in a private video that was sent to editorial staff Naked Artist.com, Tuesday.In the video bugil rahma azhari be 4 seconds and 7 seconds this, Rahma Azhari seen in a room and the bathroom. 4-second video recorded at the middle Rahma bath and undress in the chest.Meanwhile, in the video bugil be 7 seconds, Rahma is in a slightly darkened room, remove the shirt Rahma middle superior light colored, while the bottom still wear shorts, and hair tied. This looks like a video bugil recorded by someone intentionally.

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