Sabtu, 17 Januari 2009

Krina Handbag Giveaway Winner Writes Back

Melissa, winner of the Krina Handbag Giveaway, recently emailed me to rave about her prize...

My pic doesn't do it justice....It's a gorgeous bag and the leather is like buttah! It holds all my necessities with room to spare, and I bring EVERYTHING with me. All the little touches Krina put into this bag are nice - all the tassels are leather, including on the zippered compartment inside and the straps are long and sturdy enough to make carrying the bag comfortable. I also like that the lining is a pretty champagne color (not black), so I can find my things in it. Thanks again to Krina and Daneen of Spoiled Pretty for this incredible giveaway!

Melissa "Misha" M.

You can be a winner too. Don't forget to enter this week's giveaway - you could win FOUR pairs of sandals from Havaianas' 2009 collection!

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